Do you have a business or a project that has tons of momentum and passion, but could use more structure, organization, or leadership?

Do you long to tap into more creativity or calm and ease in your life and your work?

Within my business, EVOLVE CREATIVE holds two distinct offers integrated to offer full-spectrum support in business process and creative expression.



Intuitive Arts and Somatic Awareness Training



Experience Strategy, Systems Design, and Small Business Consulting


As a lifelong artist and intuitive, with a half-life of experience in business systems, leadership, and event production, I have worked with a diverse list of clients. Helping them find grounding to move forward with grace and ease, as well as tap into a wellspring of creative expression.

Here, creative solutions are found and, confusion is organized into beautiful results for the visions and goals of every project, client, and individual.

I am a guide through multiple moving parts and potentially challenging situations. Challenges that some may see as no way out disasters, I see only possibility and opportunity. I’ve learned that in and under pressure, growth always happens and diamonds can be produced.

Over my career, I have worn many hats such as producer, mentor, artist, trainer, and leader. I see myself as an organizing force, that completely understands the language and pace of both the corporate and transformational worlds. It’s in this arena of dizzying details, that I get to bring all my experience to play.

Beautiful Sunset

William McGowan,

BMCG Creative Services

Vanessa came on board a project that had lost direction and focus.


She immediately righted the ship and got it on course due to her patience, experience, and deep toolbox.

Her calm demeanor keeps her focused and effective in the midst of the maelstrom.

Insight and attention to detail coupled with a keen sense of what is happening around her make Vanessa an invaluable asset to helm any project.

"One of the most exceptional leaders I've ever worked with.


As a collaborator and partner, she brings her wisdom, experience, and deep listening to every project she works on, delivering excellence every time."

Silver Feldman,

FOX Sports

Kari Azuma,

Empowering Mothers Worldwide

"Vanessa is the real deal when it comes to process and systems design.


You are also working with an incredibly evolved human being.

I would trust her with any project that was precious to me and my business.

If you want to hit timelines, get incredibly creative, and work with someone who is an authentic responsible leader...

Vanessa is your woman."

Image by russn_fckr

Evolve Create Be

Intuitive Arts & Awareness Training



Focused one-on-one in-person or virtual sessions curated for individual needs and where you are in your process.

Utilizing somatic awareness, various intuitive art processes, creative writing, devotional / ritual practices, and more to reawaken your creative expression and tap into intuition.

These sessions encourage all to deep dive into specific areas of life and discover new ways to see and be with all experiences in full acceptance, without judging them.



Enjoy creative and intuitive expression where all have the space to be in a personal creative process while being seen and supported in a group setting.

Group structure follows the way of Council and includes devotional & somatic practices, meditation, all will learn a new way to listen and communicate from the heart over the mental chatter.

Workshops are 90-120min long and are currently offered virtually. 



By being aware of patterns and unconscious responses to life, all are able to open up to a deeper, more loving inner relationship with self.


All experiences in life are positively impacted by how well we know our selves, and see situations and others with wise detachment.


Awareness increases personal responsibility, reduces stress, expands intuition, and creativity.

Awareness training are currently offered in individual sessions as well as guest facilitating to groups on request.




Intuitive Arts and Awareness Training courses are in development to be launched in Fall 2020!

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.

Intro to Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting 2.0
Intuitive Tarot Card Creating

Creative Cocoon

...and more!

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Evolve Creative Consulting

Experience Strategy, Systems Design, Small Business Consulting

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With a depth of experience in content management and somatic training, we are able to offer presenters support in what they say, and how they say it in a way that creates full trust and ease with the audience.

For both live staged presentations as well as the "digital stage" we work to clear the stress in the body and mind that comes with speaking to audiences.

New tricks for mastering ZOOM calls including lighting, focus and shortened scripts keep your audience engaged.



Working closely with clients, leading teams to create environments that support and align with the vision and goal of an event, training or transformational experience to inform, educate and inspire guests.

Commitment to the big picture while paying attention to small details that matter; clients, internal teams and attendees will feel seen, safe and supported resulting in a memorable experience.

From corporate presentations, events, transformational workshops to virtual meetings, we can create the right experience every time.



Servicing small businesses and not for profit enterprises who put their full heart and attention on the services they provide can often mean systems and process need more support than the team can give.

We listen, observe and work to understand your business - from what is working and what areas can improve.

From there we gently create and implement structure, process and organization in a method that is easy to replicate and follow.


Leadership coaching is offered to align with the business system upgrades so teams uplevel with the system. 



Offering over 20 years of content strategy experience and leadership training that is focused on clear information delivery through written, visual and somatic communication means clear communication every time.

With an ability to translate the live event experience into digital communication without compromise, complex ideas are distilled into key delivery points that motivate and engage diverse audiences.

Art direction, content & graphic management, speaker support, guest speaker care, registration, team leadership and scheduling are handled completely for both live and digital events.


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